The mission of Clima y Cultura is to:

  • Research and document the effects of climate change on indigenous practices and culture in the Andes and Amazon regions of Peru to help  raise awareness about the immediacy of its impacts in the region;
  • Share our findings through various mass media products and initiatives to include: documentary films,  multimedia projects, traveling educational exhibits, an interactive-bilingual website, issue driven blogs, presentations and educational materials;
  • Develop and implement training workshops and seminars for organizations working with indigenous peoples in Peru and other Andean and Amazonian regions, so as to help bridge cultural gaps and improve the effectiveness of their funding and service delivery;
  • Foster a culture of respect toward indigenous cultures in Peru and among stakeholders in developed nations, the NGO community and other organizations around the world.

Successful adaptation to climate change is a process that involves understanding the perspective of the human populations that are directly affected, and this includes understanding their cosmology, their values and their collective capacity for change.

Having endured hundreds of years of climate shifts, indigenous people in Peru have a storehouse of day-to-day practical strategies for coping with drought and temperature shifts, although never on the scale that is being induced by global warming.

Clima y Cultura advocates for the inclusion of indigenous perspectives in debates and on the development of strategies related to climate change adaptation.

Likewise, we encourage developed nations to learn from indigenous Peruvians’ adaptation strategies, as these modern countries will soon face their own challenges induced by rapid climate change.

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